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Investment Grade Solar

Any dealer can sell you a solar system.

Take a closer look at  the manufacturers spec sheets and you'll find that some of the biggest names in the industry ,manufacturer some of the poorest performing solar panels on the market.

That is exactly why we do not design our systems based on name brand alone. Choosing a big name brand is only the beginning our our selection process. Our product selections are based solely on performance specifications, the financial strength of the manufacturer and the length of time that their technology has been used in the field.

Our solar 10 kW systems are designed from the ground up to outperform even the most popular brand brands from the moment it's turned on to the day the system is retired, decades from now.

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10kW Solar System Only $1.66 A Watt !
10 kW Solar System

Compare this 10kW , grid tie solar systems to the systems that are offered by our competition and what you'll find time and time again, specification for specification our 10 kW solar system outperforms the competition hands down.

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10.080 KW Grid Intertie Solar Energy System

36 Big Name Brand, Perlight Solar PLM P-72 280 Watt Solar Panels
1 Fornius IG Plus 10.0-1 High Efficieny Inverter
U.S. Made High Strength Orion Racking System

Free, Your Choice Of Roof Flashings Or Tile Hooks
AC Disconnect
MC Cable With Connectors
Wiring Diagram

Sale Price $16,732.00


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